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I am Michelle Bradshaw, a Lifeguide and spiritual teacher, who is excited to help you in your journey to happiness and well-being.  I have been fortunate to work as a Lifeguide for over 20 years, and have become an expert in providing Spiritual and Intuitive guidance.  I am also an accomplished Yoga teacher, and specialize in energy and emotional healing that leads to the experience of peace, happiness and clarity.
My Path
After completing my degree in Psychological Services, I became frustrated with the limited choices available within the traditional path of Psychology. This led me to explore an alternative path of spiritual teachings. Hence I began my journey as a Spiritual teacher. During a period of over 20 years, I was fortunate to work with different people from many walks of life, and by trusting my own intuition and listening to their needs; I was able to gain deep insight and knowledge about the human condition.  Over the years, as I helped my clients restore their inner self, they, in turn, taught me about what works and this alternative path to healing unfolded. 
Transformation tools
A common request from my clients was to be able to access tools that would help them in their transformation process.  This gave birth to a set of tools designed to assist people in healing themselves.  These tools are called the Lifeguides Transformation Program, which provides the spiritual technology capable of creating profound and permanent changes in one’s life. 
I am Dr. Cindy Sholes, known by my clients as the crazy neuroscientist who teaches magic.  I assist heart-centered professionals who have big dreams find true inspiration and authenticity. I can support you to achieve your goals by clearing out the old emotional baggage that clutters your mind and saps your energy. I will guide you to optimize your brain function and your mind-body connection, so you can be energized, passionate, and empowered to make a big difference in the world.
My Path
My long time interest in learning and memory lead me to a PhD. in Neuroscience from the University of California at San Francisco and a short career in education.  The birth of my children, postpartum depression, and some inner reflection inspired a career transition.  To heal myself, I searched out and learned the most effective ways to optimize the function of the mind.  I  became certified as a Medical Hypnotherapist, a Brain Health Coach, a Transform30 Lifestyle Coach.  I was extensively trained in Neuro Emotional Technique® and Interactive Guided Imagery.  I am a Les Brown trained inspirational speaker and educator.
Working with me
Through my neuroscience training and experience with clients, I understand the art, science, and magic of harnessing your inner power to create a life you love.   I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with the world.  I have been serving private clients since 2003 and also teach programs, workshops and retreats.

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