This certification program will not only give you the knowledge and skills to heal yourself and others, but will also teach you the step by step methods we have used to have a thriving business helping people overcome trauma and live lives of abundance and joy.
Would a lucrative career as a life coach who uses the magic of neuroscience be for you? Schedule a free strategy session to see.
What You Will Get
Not only will you learn the magic of transformation and healing, you will have multiple opportunities to practice on yourself and others through out the program. If you want to make a good income using the tools in a coaching practice, you will get the support you need to clear your own road blocks and pave the way to enroll eager clients who want to continue to see you again and again,


Learn Marketable Skills
You will become certified in:
Magic Mind Method Coaching
Happy Life Hypnotherapy
Lifeguides Transformation Coaching
Muscle Testing Biofeedback
Chakra Energy Alignment Therapy

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