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What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body.  For you to be successful you have to be willing to create a success mindset. This might include some dramatic personal growth as you become more resilient, managing your disappointments with ease, and develop strong powerful beliefs that will propel you to success.  There are 4 beliefs that are necessary:
1) Belief in the products and program.
2) Belief in the company.
3) Belief in the industry.
4) Belief in yourself.
It is this last belief, the belief in yourself, that we want to support with the videos on this page.  We have found them to be helpful for our own personal growth and hope that you will too.

Dr. Cindy on developing successful beliefs.

Your brain changes as you learn and grow, even as you age.  When you take control of your mind, you are training your brain to work more effectively for you.
As you gather information from your environment you learn new information that integrates into what you have learned in the past.  Often your experiences now automatically trigger reaction patterns from the past. Sometimes that is great but other times those reactions aren't in alignment with your goals.
You can change your reaction pattern and create new more effective ones as you pay attention and selectively control your thoughts.  In this way you can change your beliefs so that your actions match your thoughts and your thoughts match your intentions.
Change Your Mind to Change Your Beliefs
Controlling your thoughts can help you to remove the blocks that stop you from getting the unlimited wealth and prosperity that is yours.
In this 30 min. video Christie Sheldon shares how you can create abundance in every part of your life including relationships and health.
Value the Power of Stress
This may seem counter intuitive because most people have heard that you need to avoid stress because it contributes to disease.  This is true of 'distress'.  And we recommend that you manage this type of stress by relaxing and changing your perspective on stress.
However stress is not bad.  The truth is that a type of stress called 'eustress' actually gives you power to be dynamic, attractive and successful.
So make friends with your stress and turn it into eustress.

Mind Power in your 80's?


A 75 year long study shows the most important factor for health and happiness.  You might be surprised at the answer.  It is not about money, fame or any other external trappings of life.


One of the benefits of working toward being a successful Transform30 coach is that you will foster this factor and it will most certainly add to the richness of your life.


Listen to Dr. Waldinger's dynamic TED talk about what makes the good life.

Mastering Happiness - Manifest your Desires


According to the law of attraction, if you want something positive in your life you have to feel good to get it.  That means that mastering happiness is the most important step to manifesting your dreams.  


In this rich and informative TED talk, Dr. Ben-Shahar shares the research from the dynamic field of positive psychology that describes how you can learn to be happy.

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