On this page, you will find resources and training to help make you the best health food advocate and coach that you can be.  If you are inspired to make a bigger impact by creating your own agency or team then these resources can support that goal as well.  You decide.

Be a Health Food Agent and Own a Health Food Agency

I am sure you are familiar with real estate and insurance professionals who may either be agents and/or own an agency.
Unlike other professions, an agent in our field who starts their own agency dramatically increases their capacity to earn without increasing the financial risk.
Learn what it means to be a health food agent at HealthFoodAgents.com.
An $11 Trillion Dollar Opportunity.

Why is Transform30® No Wheat?

Dr. Destia Skinner answers the question about why soy has become so controversial.
The Power of Probiotics
Dr. Michael Greger gives you the inside scoop on the microbiom and some more reasons to be dairy free.  To give you a preview, what do cows make in addition to meat and milk? Gas!
Network Marketing Training
Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor share on the Power of Network Marketing

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