Create Independence and Wealth by being a Revolutionary Leader Inspiring Happiness

If you crave independence yet enjoy working with a powerful team, if you want to make a big impact on the world and find yourself seeing opportunities instead of problems, if you love people and desire to work with forward thinking people, if you are excited about accelerated personal growth and if you have the courage to create a life of your dreams, then you have many of the personal qualities it takes to have your dreams come true in a sustainable way, all you lack is the vehicle to get you there.  That is what Team Inspiring Happiness can provide and you will find some like-minded mates on this team.


"I would rather make 1% off of 100 peoples' efforts than 100% of my own efforts." John D. Rockefeller

Join us, we can show you how you can earn at least $1000/mo. residual income and teach others to do the same, thereby creating an income (or giving) stream that has no limits. You put in 80% effort now for 20% return so that in the future you can put in 20% effort for 80% return.


You will earn while you learn.  You will get paid what you are worth. You will do meaningful work that you love, that inspires you and makes a difference in the lives of people you care about.


You are your own boss.  You choose when you work, where you work and who you work with.


No competition.

No office politics.

No layoffs or reorgs.

No discrimination.

No glass ceiling.


This all might sound too good to be true but it is not.  We know  because we are living it and we can teach you how too.

"This business is about asking the right questions so that you know how you can best serve people." - Heidi Beard

On this page you will find the tools you need to become a Transform30® coach and get started inspiring healthy living in your own community.  


  • Learn about the MISSION DRIVEN MODEL that is the most powerful vehicle we have found to bring wellness to you and your loved ones and create a lifestyle of freedom and happiness. 

  • Talk to the person who invited you to this site so you can join our team.

  • Choose your own website on your new virtual office

  • Establish your own Transform30® website by going to Transform30/tools.  Write down your username and password in a safe place.  This will be an important tool.

  • From your Transform30/tools page, download the US Pitchbook so you can share the story with your community.

  • Take the continuing education course found on the tools page to become a Certified Transform30® Coach. 

  • Use the powerful MISSION DRIVEN SYSTEM to build and live your business model.

  • Learn the skills of the Network Marketing Professional with Go Pro by Eric Worre

  • Watch the videos below for a crash course in your marketing plan.

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